About Me

My name is Lukas Diekmann. I studied at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany, where I finished my master in computer science. My research involved dynamic languages and their data types.
Currently I am part of the Software Development Team in the Department of Informatics at King's College London where my research involves parsing, editors and language composition.


2015 Fine-grained language composition [Experiment]
Edd Barrett, Lukas Diekmann, Laurence Tratt
Pre-print, March 2015
2014 Eco: A Language Composition Editor [HTML, Software]
Lukas Diekmann, Laurence Tratt
SLE, September 2014
2013 Storage Strategies for Collections in Dynamically Typed Languages [Experiment, HTML]
Carl Friedrich Bolz, Lukas Diekmann, Laurence Tratt
OOPSLA 2013, October 2013
Parsing Composed Grammars with Language Boxes
Laurence Tratt, Lukas Diekmann
Workshop on Scalable Language Specification, June 2013
2012 Memory Optimisations for Data Types in Dynamic Languages
Lukas Diekmann
MSc thesis



PyPy originally started as a Python interpreter written in Python but over time became a common translation framework for dynamic languages. PyPy aims to provide an easy way to write flexible implementations for different dynamic languages. The implementations can be translated into various environments while automatically adding garbage collection or a tracing JIT in the process.

For my master's thesis I developed storage strategies to reduce memory overhead for data types like lists and dictionaries in PyPy. The results were merged into PyPy and have been part of shipping release since version 1.9, released in June 2012.


California Blog A blog I wrote during my semester abroad.
Wo ist der Ort? An Android game my brother and I created and put on the Google Play Store.

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